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Who We Are

Established in 2005

Clark's Painting got its start in 2005, an idea fostered for many years prior, by its owner and operator, Clark Mariotti, a native San Franciscan.

In 2002 Clark adventured into the world of construction. Over the next 3 years he learned many things about building a home from start to finish. After building these homes he would then paint them. In 2004 Clark began pursuing his paint contractor’s license. In 2005 he obtained his license and began on his current path as a Painting Contractor.

The experience Clark has in the world of trade enables him to accurately assess your home or project. This is invaluable, in the objective which is an excellent paint job.

Paint is your first defense in protecting your home from the elements. Allow us to take care of your painting needs.

Tel: 415-244-4467

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